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Supervisory and maintenance personnel normally goes underground alone or accompanied by other persons. The Maubra 4×4 vehicles fits this application very effectively, from a single Maintenance role to a Supervisory Management delegation. The various applications makes this unit extremely versatile underground and reliability remain the main priority at Maubra Utility Products. The 4×4 capability and dimensions of the vehicles result in access to remote areas and great maneuverability.

All vehicles are powered by a Kubota Diesel engine that comply with Tier 4 emission standards that transfer torque to the wheels via a variable hydrostatic transmission. When the accelerator pedal is depressed a swash-type hydraulic pump opens and as engine revolution increase so does hydraulic flow to the transmission increase. As soon as the accelerator pedal is released the swash-type pump closes which cuts hydraulic flow leading the vehicle to come to a halt. You can therefore decent down the decline in a very controlled manner by using only the accelerator at the desired speed. The footbrake totally acts as an additional braking method as low engine revolution will bring the vehicle to a halt in a very short distance. The Maubra 4×4 is also equipped with a spring applied hydraulic release system in short SAHRS. This means the following:

– As Emergency stop button is fitted onto the dashboard that when activated cuts the engine and SAHRS is applied
– When the transmission selector is in the “neutral” position the SAHRS is applied.
– When the vehicle is switched off at either the ignition or main isolator switch the SAHRS is applied.
– Should engine failure occur the SAHRS would be applied because the system needs Hydraulic pressure to release.

Brake discs on the Maubra 4×4 are oil immersed both front and rear which limits maintenance on the braking system drastically and renders the vehicle the safest and most robust in its class and application with no rivals or competition. Furthermore the vehicles are supplied with an automatic fire suppression system as well as two manual fire extinguishers. All Lighting equipment complies with accepted underground standards as well as audible sirens.

Services and remedial work are offered by well trained technicians and spares are distributed as required. Vehicle performance is monitored continuously and forecasted spares or replacements can be managed accordingly.

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